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Muscles 'n Motion offers fitness training from beginners to athletes. I am located at Tri Fit Training in Airdrie, AB and offer fitness services to surrounding areas. 
I have been involved in Fitness for over 20 years and Graduated from Mt Royal University in 2007. Over those years I have had the opportunity to surround myself with talented, smart personal trainers and business owners. In conjunction with other fitness certifications along the way that have moulded me into the personal trainer I am today. 

My philosophy is Muscle Balance = A Strong , Well Functioning Body!  A Happy Mind, Happy Body, Happy Life!
My goals for each client is to assess function, correct and strengthen muscle function to those muscles that have become weak due to any number of stresses or injuries to your body. We then build a strong foundation, then build and strengthen the body, heart, and soul to meet the goals that you have set out for yourself.