One on One Training: Workout sessions tailored to only you! Best option if new to exercise,previous or current injuries, or specific sport training. Monitored weight and meaurements monthly and nutritional support.

Partner Training: Workout sessions with two compatible people with similar fitness levels is ideal, however i can adapt to make each of you work at different tasks. This duo will challenge each other to do their best along with me of course. Weights, measurements and nutritional support included. 

Group Fitness: A group session with different fitness levels. Session will be overall fitness for all with as much specific strength training per individual as possible. And in a fun group atmosphere. Weight, measurements and nutritional support available at an additional cost. 

Dryland Training - Specialized in Equestrian Athletes:
A specific sport training for a group, this will improve your overall fitness. Balancing muscles and bringing strength to all aspects of your body, enabling you to excel at your sport. Preventing injury and creating a strong athlete. Training can be held on site in Airdrie, North Calgary or booked at my location at Tri Fit Training in Airdrie.

MAT- Muscle Activation Technique Sessions:
An assessment and correction of muscular imbalances, joint stability and limitations in a range of motion within the body. It is an amazing tool to get your body functioning at its best!, regaining strength, increase mobility, can reduce or omit pain, and combining with specific personal training to create the body to work properly. It has been so exciting for me as it is the missing link for me as a trainer to get all your muscles working correctly!


Corporate Training/ Events:  Group Fitness training for overall strength, cardio and aiding with individual goals to the best of my ability. Assisting in stress release, co-worker bonding and team spirit in the workplace. Exercise and team events help keep employees healthy with less sick days, happier with themselves, at work and at home equals success for all!  

Team Building Events: Lets create a fun filled day to bring co-workers together!

These training events can be onsite in Airdrie or North Calgary area, or booked at my location at Tri Fit Training in Airdrie.